We are an Earth based Eclectic Church Resource Center, 

We believe in a high power that is both a female and male energy (a ying and yang) or Goddess 
and God forming one.

That all Religions have some basis of truth. We have a Buddhist Philosophy in our thinking 
patterns and live "green" using the earths resources to heal ,grow and create peace. 
We use herbal and candle rituals using meditation and group talks to grow as one. 
We believe that our brains can remember gifts given to us in a Spiritual realm and work to develop those gifts of Psychic ability and ESP. " We are spiritual beings having a Human experience. " We have gatherings and potlucks several times a month. Recently because of community need rented a room to do so.

About Our Counselor/ Minister

Growing up Catholic, Studying Buddhist, Judaism, Tao, Islamic beliefs, Ojibue, Reiki, Wiccan and Paganism (Some have reffered to me as an Green witch, Kitchen Godess ect, I have a well rounded Eclectic belief that I as an Ordained Minister hope to teach in this  Community
there are 2 Ordained ministers, for counseling and gatherings, a treasurer and president and secretary. We hope to vote on a counsel of at least 4 people who will vote on any issue that arises 
We have classes which in August will all be turned over to free church events and 2 services group events a month currently, We plan on doing a bulletin within the week.
they will have voting rights, and rights to free counseling, herbal medicine, herbal pet care, services and crafts relating to Mother Earth

This kind of Organization is up and coming and has had a lot of interest in the community. They have asked us to do this.

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